Monday, September 3, 2012

Local Cat hits Nip Jackpot!

Serge, a local feline resident piebald, recently discovered a jackpot of catnip and can now help himself to its consciousness altering effects all day any day. But will he? It seems not. Local resident owner reports Serge only likes to partake at night with the company of his colony.
Meanwhile Hafo Safo human residents have seen medical marijuana and hydroponic shops open only to shut their doors again as the city prevaricates and legislation alters. Will the rise in homegrown catnip influence the human populace to get on back to the grow-your-own movement? Will stash boxes and record covers re-trend? Will people eschew the bud-only giant carbon footprint medical grades to rediscover the gentle highs of homegrown leaves, seeds and all?
If it happens, it's already happening in Hafo Safo.