Monday, October 24, 2011

Bike stand Cozy

I am used to people decorating bike stands with stickers and graffiti but this goes over the top: crocheted cozies! I love it. Seen on Sunset Boulevard just down the hill from the Happy Foot/Sad Foot.

Le Fashion Truck

Le Fashion Truck was parked out in the shadow of the Happy Foot Sad Foot sign this weekend. The whole inside has been redecorated to house a nice rack of vintage inspired clothes and accessories by Stacey Steffe and Janine Romo. It even has a changing room. Nice job Ladies!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Birtha's last batch- Serge and Jane?!

The resemblance is eerie...

Best of Friends 'til the bottle came between them
The Coronado Street Kitten Society has two fantastic little kittens available for adoption to a good home. These are two special little brothers, rescued by society members when they were 4 days old and raised with cats dogs and even chickens, these kittens are social and fun. They love to play together and promise to provide hours of entertainment. The gray and white kitty has the eyes of Jane Birkin and was initially thought to be a girl, while the white and gray kitty bears the striking resemblance to Serge Gainsbourg, especially when sucking on a bottle!
Here's an oh so appropriate Serge song: Adieu Creature to listen to while watching the above xtreme cuteness video.
The kittens are about 9 weeks old now. Their mom, a feral named Big Birtha for her constant state of pregnancy and her trap savvyness, was finally trapped, spayed and released (thanks Fixnation)! Tears of joy were shed amongst the happy Society members who, lets face it, formed in order to deal with Birtha's abundant contributions to the neighborhood. Birtha lurks around the private home where her kitties are cared for which is located within the boundaries of her colony territory. She helps supervise daytime play and swats the hand that feeds her.
The foster family now feel the kittens are ready to go on to a permanent home. They hope the two kittens can stay together, since it is always best to adopt two kittens together; the chances of running away is lessened, and they always have company when you are away.
Please check out the craigslist post to adopt Birtha's last batch.