Sunday, February 26, 2012

Long Division

via the Eastsider

The history of Hafo Safo is the story of two halves,  of division and taking sides, of the divisiveness of borders and the flourishing of new ideas along a perilous edge, of the disease of the past effecting our present, of history repeating itself: the north versus the south played out ad infinitum; happiness flipping flopping to sadness; ranches turning to cities turning to farms within cities, always there are strange amalgamations on the rift.
When is it possible to find the beginning of a meme, especially one thumping out its rhythm in the very soil beneath the concrete, seeping through the variegation of aggregates, entering us through our very soles? What god demon creation myth explains our propensity for making edges on which to settle and reside?
Now, for the first time, Hafo Safo's creation myth has been literally unearthed.
Get ready to meet your Mecca.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Home is Where you Hang your Can

You have heard of mini-houses, microcars, and cargo bikes.  Now we have a truly mini-micro-cargo design for the urbane alternative lifestyle set and canine companions.
Hafo Safo dilettante inventor/ fabricator of the off-the-grid powered, income generating  cart home-office has added a new feature to his rig: a mobile doghouse. One lucky mama dog and her young pups now ride the streets in style with a front seat view.
Mobile rig function adds new meaning to litter collecting.
Mom is pretty happy with street life.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Rare Credenza Breeding Ground Discovered

The Credenza
The Credenza is a common site in your well-heeled Hafo Safo homestead. Popularized by mid-century modern Scandahoovian designers, The credenza is back and it is breeding, which is lucky since they are in such high demand.
Both Sunset Bazaar and Pepe's next door offer quality mid-century credenzas. They both have downstairs shops as well which will custom-build a credenza to your exacting tastes! Draw them a picture of what you want and they can fabricate it to your specifications. Or, If you aren't too sure of your mechanical drafting skills, contact this blog and we can arrange a design to be commissioned. We got a custom credenza made for less than anything at Ikea. Plus, we got that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with supporting our local economy- and it was delivered!
The elusive Credenza breeding ground discovered at Pepe's on Sunset at Coronado.
Credenza's guard the door at Sunset Bazaar, 2508 W. Sunset.

Custom cathouse credenza commission complete!