Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Card

Happy Holidays from the HaFoSaFo! May gravity be your friend this year!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sunset Boulevard: Street or Race Track?

Let me first say what an honor it is to be a guest blogger on HaFoSaFo.com. By way of introduction, I'm a 14 year citizen of the north border region of HaFoSaFo and a regular blogger over at rootsimple.com.  I'll be joining the team here to provide breaking news from, so to speak, the "heart of the 'foot".

Last Thursday I went on a walk to photograph Coronado Street's Cadillac Pick Up. On the way back I witnessed a horrific accident--a beige SUV tumbling end over end just like the one in the crash test above. Miraculously, no one seems to have been injured seriously. I did not see what caused the accident, but it was, in my opinion, most likely due to speed.

Speed is what Sunset Blvd. is all about, particularly here in HaFoSaFo. Our illustrious Los Angeles Department of Transportation runs Sunset Blvd the way you would operate a Formula One race course. Witness the new K-rail installed at the "Polka-Dot Plaza" in nearby Silver Lake:

Photo by Charles Herman-Wurmfeld

Speeds to high? Should we work on traffic calming to create a pleasant street where our kids can walk safely to school or just slap up a barrier and keep the high speed status quo?

Look out Long Beach, LADOT is preparing for the first HaFoSaFo Grand Prix and a future of yet more spectacular rollovers.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Cadillac Pick Up

This awesome Cadillac Pick Up combo has been rocking HaFoSaFo lately- proving that there may be no limit to how drastically one can alter a pick up, but apparently messing with the Caddy would not be cool. I think it is an awesome get together.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Amber Waves to Hafo Safo

 Amber waves is a tiny 1-acre farm in Norco California, a town known for its small family farms until they were gobbled up by developers of mini malls and big box stores during the 1980's land grab.

Debbie and Jim Hosely run a lovely little establishment catering to the seratonin deprived cute overload addicts making the leap from virtual to backyard for a dose of the adorable.
They breed show Silkies, a bantam chicken breed both gorgeous and goofy looking, and African Pygmy goats. We just managed to escape Amber Waves without a baby goat in the back of the Prius, but it was a near thing! Ouch they are painfully cute!
Instead, I left with these three lovely and, hopefully, ladies down my shirt.(it is said that one can't tell the boys from the girls with Silkies until one lays an egg or crows.)
 We also got to visit with the transportation of the future!

 Sebastopol Geese

 and many other lovely creatures well loved and pampered by proud proprietors.