Friday, June 10, 2011

Cristina's World

Cristina's garden is a pretty fantastic example of container gardening. The ground around her house is all hard-pan but she has an old Avocado tree and has started to plant fruit trees. She has also started a compost pile and has gotten some dirt from one neighbor and some alfalfa hay from another. She is beginning the process of making soil so that some of her plants can go into the ground.
Besides gardening, Cristina helped found the Coronado Street Kitty Society. She has acted as our local feral cat colony manager for many many years operating feeding stations and providing clean water and food twice a day every day. By developing a trust with the feral adults she is able to rescue and help re-home the kittens through the Society. She has also trapped numerous adult feral cats who the Society then bring to Fixnation to be fixed and released.
And if all that weren't enough, Cristina also has her own house cleaning business with top notch references. She is more than happy to use your all natural products, preferring vinegar and baking soda to the heavy chemicals. Let this blog know if you need some help around the house and we will put you in touch- especially if you have big dogs, an attack cat, brazen fowl, etc., Cristina can handle them.
One of Cristina's very pampered pets:

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