Sunday, February 26, 2012

Long Division

via the Eastsider

The history of Hafo Safo is the story of two halves,  of division and taking sides, of the divisiveness of borders and the flourishing of new ideas along a perilous edge, of the disease of the past effecting our present, of history repeating itself: the north versus the south played out ad infinitum; happiness flipping flopping to sadness; ranches turning to cities turning to farms within cities, always there are strange amalgamations on the rift.
When is it possible to find the beginning of a meme, especially one thumping out its rhythm in the very soil beneath the concrete, seeping through the variegation of aggregates, entering us through our very soles? What god demon creation myth explains our propensity for making edges on which to settle and reside?
Now, for the first time, Hafo Safo's creation myth has been literally unearthed.
Get ready to meet your Mecca.

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