Saturday, June 29, 2013

new mural magically appears on corner of Coronado and Sunset

A new mural has magically appeared on the corner of Coronado and Sunset in the very heart of HafoSafo and we couldn't be more amazed!  
the sunstroke inducing 603 bus stop on the corner of Coronado and Sunset

The mural stage 1

bunnies  magically appear

bunnies magically appear for blocks around!

the magician's assistant

more bunnies!

pure bliss
coyote and raven join the mix
Check out Root Simple's take on the mural as well:

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  1. I think I saw an associated coyote mural the other day at the stop sign from the off-ramp of the northbound 5 to Glendale Blvd, just before you turn right to cross the bridge.