Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gardens of HaFoSaFo

I stumbled upon this garden in the middle of the night on a feral kitten rescue at 110 S. Rampart across the street from the infamous "Original Tommy's." There was something just so HaFoSaFo about it that I went back the next day to photograph it and happened to meet gardener Angela as she tended her vegetables.

She informed me that many of the tenants of this building have little flower,vegetable and herb gardens along the driveway.

I asked Angela about the landlords, who live at the apartment complex, and she told me they encourage the tenants to garden. You can tell from the street that something is a little bit different about this place. For one thing, there is a sort of homemade suit of armor decorating the facade of the building. There is also an ancient looking wagon/fence and a sculpture made from a wagon wheel.

One could argue that calling Beverly and Rampart HaFoSaFo is infringing on Westlake, but the boundaries of HaFoSaFo are not traditional hard and fast lines drawn on maps, but subject to sprawl anywhere our sign seems to leave its humble footprint(s).

So, in the name of the quantum foot, I claim this building as soveriegn territory and a southern outpost of our noble land/state of mind (does this make us a landmind?).

The Great City/State/Barrio of HaFoSaFo ratifies its legitimate and non-prescribing sovereignty over... and offers its great abiding bare-foot kicking power to the above aforementioned property..... or something to that effect.


  1. I've admired that apartment building for years. Love the weird sculptural elements. Someone should do a coffee table book of nice, simple gardens like this . . . I'm tired of carefully manicured "garden porn".