Sunday, June 19, 2011

Will Hafo Safolites help terraform Irvine?

The gardens, embankments, parkways and alleyways of Hafo Safo provided artist Claudia Bucher with all the hundreds of succulents she needed for this incredible sculpture currently on view at the Irvine Arts Center as part of a group show entitled "Earth-Like Planet curated by artist Matt May. Residents contributed bags and bags of of clippings and then helped the artist fill all the little pots on the work with soiless medium and clippings. We look forward to seeing how the plants do on the alien planet of Irvine which they have found themselves. Will they wither and die in the foriegn atmosphere or burgeon into a new far-away outpost? We'll use our succusensory abilities to chart their progress.


  1. Magnificent planet--I wish I were small enough to live there now!

    Meiling Cheng

  2. Nice--hafosafoforming? Will it morph into a giant plant holding a plant?

  3. forgot to mention the dreamy video playing in the window of the craft- The camera is gently circling around a flower, making the viewer feel like a tiny piece of floating pollen. so awesome.