Friday, March 30, 2012

Ghettobird Southside Playground exposed!

Residents of the Southside of Sunset in HaFoSaFo,  also referred to as  HafoSafo Sur or Baja Silverlake, who have had reason to suspect, of late, that the neighborhood was some sort of training area or playground for low flying police helicopters -from the species Ornathacanicea, colloquially named Ghettobirds- now have startling evidence. Evidently, some  fledglings left unequivocal proof at the scene. Examining this evidence, Ornathacanics, noted experts in the life cycle and habits of the the Copter, now believe the Southside has been designated by these strange birds as a nursery/training ground.
On a recent bird watching trip through picturesque tumbleweeds and broken masonry, these rare images of an actually Copter plaything were discovered.

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