Monday, March 26, 2012

Yuppie Meldown

The elite neighborhood of HaFo SaFo North has been victimized by a crime perpetrated by a former resident. Evidently, choosy white middle class males choose car torching to mete out retribution for perceived slights in on-going disputes with past neighbors.

For years, New Zealand born "I'm-in-the-industry" neighbor Stuart has been sending lawyers after his neighbors, the Matavosians, because their dogs occasionally barked. Other neighbors who testified that the dogs were not a problem joined the hit-list and got hostile Christmas cards(!?!) from Stuart. Both he and the Matavosian family put up security cameras because of ongoing litigation.

Then Stuart et famille moved out of the neighborhood.

Friday night the Matavosian security cameras captured the image of a man attempting to blow up their car. The LAPD was called and came across a belligerent possibly intoxicated Stu lurking on Montana street with the strong smell of kerosene on his clothes. He was taken into custody.

Other unsolved auto(mobile) de feys have been reported in this neighborhood.
We wish the Matavosians peace and hope their legal wrangles have finally come to an end. We also hope Stuart gets some much needed help.

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