Monday, December 3, 2012

Amber Waves to Hafo Safo

 Amber waves is a tiny 1-acre farm in Norco California, a town known for its small family farms until they were gobbled up by developers of mini malls and big box stores during the 1980's land grab.

Debbie and Jim Hosely run a lovely little establishment catering to the seratonin deprived cute overload addicts making the leap from virtual to backyard for a dose of the adorable.
They breed show Silkies, a bantam chicken breed both gorgeous and goofy looking, and African Pygmy goats. We just managed to escape Amber Waves without a baby goat in the back of the Prius, but it was a near thing! Ouch they are painfully cute!
Instead, I left with these three lovely and, hopefully, ladies down my shirt.(it is said that one can't tell the boys from the girls with Silkies until one lays an egg or crows.)
 We also got to visit with the transportation of the future!

 Sebastopol Geese

 and many other lovely creatures well loved and pampered by proud proprietors.

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